Pure Religion, by E.T.


I’m not an atheist. In fact, I consider myself more religious than most people I have met. Both my heart (my feelings), my head (my scientific brain) and my life experiences, have shown me that the supernatural is real.

The Universe is immortal, which means it is infinite in time. It always existed, it never started and it will never end.

The Universe is infinite in space, which means that, unlike our bodies, it has no physical limits, it never ends. Something quite difficult to assimilate from our current perspective, in which all known objects have a space limitation.

The material Universe exists because it is conscious. Because it is continuously created, sustained and controlled by a universal consciousness. The universal consciousness creates matter in the stars and matter walks towards consciousness.

In other words, a stone may be converted into a wolf or a man or something else, after a few billion years.  Nevertheless, this conversion is not casual nor spontaneous. It is imagined, desired, projected and provoked.

Humans are just one of the countless examples of matter becoming conscious. They are not the only form of “superior” consciousness, nor the most advanced. There are non-material forms of conscious existence.  Invisible beings, 100% spiritual.

The spirit, the soul or the consciousness is immortal. And also is matter, because as the experts say, matter does not disappear, it only transforms.

Thank God, the human memory is not immortal. Birth and death, serve to erase the memories of a lifetime and start again as if for the first time (the only way to avoid routine, monotony and eternal boredom)

To fully enjoy something we have to delete the memories, at least momentarily. Otherwise, we could never enjoy the taste of a steak with french fries, because we would still have the taste of codfish in our mouth.

In fact, the experiences of the first five years of our lives are not memorized, and in many cases of Alzheimer’s, all the memories are totally erased long before physical death. Which means that the circumstantial part of our personality created by our experiences is temporary, transient and does not endure physical death. All that remains is the essential part of our spiritual personality, the true self, which is eternal. When one becomes fully conscious of one’s immortality, time no longer makes sense.

The Universe created us in a way that every single element of our body has a purpose. To imagine that the same Universe which created us has no purpose at all, denotes a total lack of imagination and a high level of arrogance.

The brain of our species is unique and its particular type of consciousness has a special purpose: to find out why we exist and who we are. One day we will know it for sure.

An infinite Universe needs a ultra fast and effective universal transport medium. This medium of transport already exists and is called death and birth. What is the use of traveling at the speed of light or any faster speed?  It would still take forever to get from one place to another place in an infinite Universe. In addition, our present body would be useless in another environment, because in fact the human body dies at only 5km from the surface of the Earth, from lack of oxygen.

In our small planet there is an infinite myriad of different types of living beings. For a moment think about the huge differences between the various animal and plant life forms, in one single planet.

I know that most of the “civilized” westerners will not accept it easily, but here and now on Earth, also coexist many types of non-material beings. Do not forget that all religions in the world, without exception, talk about those spiritual beings. Christianity, more than all the others put together.

In essence, beings can go from 99.9% material to 100% spiritual, with all the intermediate grades. I do not believe in the existence of matter 100% material. Neither I nor quantum physics.

Nature is not natural. It is absolutely supernatural.

Nonetheless, most of the “civilized” westerners do not see it that way, just because they have become accustomed to Nature since birth and have made the mistake of considering themselves able to control Nature and to take everything for normal and for granted. If Nature looks normal and natural to you, try answering the following four questions, to the best of your knowledge:

  1. Why space exists?
  2. Why matter exists in space?
  3. Why did matter become alive?
  4. Why can matter feel, think and create?

You may wonder if these issues matter at all … Well, these four core issues deal with the facts that are responsible for the existence of yourself, the reader.

If you’re reading this text it is because you exist. Something undeniable. But you have no clue as to any of the four issues that have originated your own existence. That we know of, no human being has it, for the moment.

Being religious means believing in the Universe (Unity & Versatility)

Probably you accept that you belong to or are a part of the Universe. So at least, try to believe in you. Never feel ashamed for being totally amazed with the Universe. That only proves that you are a human being (partly material and partly spiritual). Animals don’t get amazed.

If you prefer, you can change the word “Universe” for the word “God”.

Notice that the “civilized” man no longer thinks for himself. During his life he gathers information like a hard disk. Adulterated, distorted and interested information.

The highest human activity of ancient times, the one of the philosopher, has practically vanished for the benefit of Christianity and of modern politics.

The free thinker or the free spirit is regarded as a danger to society. Many consider him as the “number one public enemy”.

My definition of happiness – Being in a state of absolute synchrony between brain and soul, that is, having perfect harmony between the mortal and the immortal part of our being.

Posted: March 23rd, 2011
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