Evolution, by E.T.


The theory of evolution has been adopted and made official by all modern governments, because downgrading the human being makes him more enslavable.

On the one hand, if man is not a divine creation, but just the evolution of a monkey, he does not deserve so many rights and liberties. On the other hand, the theory of evolution advocates that life is a selfish struggle for survival and thus justifies the law of the fittest (in this case, the richest). In other words, the theory of evolution supports oppression.

It should be noticed that the theory of evolution is called a theory because it is a theory and not for any other reason. It is a theory because it lacks scientific evidence. After 150 years of tremendous scientific breakthroughs in all fields, it remains a theory because it has not been proven.

The reason is simple and eloquent: we have not found fossils of the link animals for any of the existing and/or extinct species. In other words, there are no intermediate or transitional species. Every visualization of the evolution from ape to man is a drawing or a fraudulent montage.

At the end of his book “The Origin of Species” 1859, Charles Darwin alerts and specifies that the theory of evolution is only a theory and nothing more.

There is no life without DNA and the function of the DNA is to maintain unchanged the characteristics of each being, species or life form. Non-politicized contemporary science confirms that the beginning of life and DNA could not have appeared spontaneously. Biologists use the following metaphor: To say that the DNA is spontaneous is like saying that a Boeing 747 is spontaneous.

The theory of evolution is the favorite excuse for those who cannot accept the existence of superior beings with power and intelligence greater than man.

For those arrogant men, everything their eyes can see (which is an extremely small fraction of the all picture) is explained with the theory of evolution. And, since this theory cannot explain the existence of space and matter, that is, the existence of the Universe, they invented the Big Bang. One more theory, which continues saying nothing about space and matter, because it does not explain the existence of what made bang.

If men would be the most powerful and intelligent being in the Universe, would the Universe exist? Of course not, because men cannot create space or matter out of nothing. Much less, life.

The greatest problem of the majority of men is not realizing how small, powerless and stupid we really are. Nevertheless, man is by far the best of what we know, for the moment…


Posted: March 25th, 2011
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