My Opinion of Man, by E.T.


There is one capital universal law:  in an infinite Universe, nothing is equal. This law tells us something revealing about its creator:  He is a genius.

Only man wants equality. That also tells us something revealing about man: He is just the opposite.

Look up, look at the galaxies, the stars, the planets. Look at the sun and the moon. Do you see chaos? Only life seems to be chaotic, but it is not. Life is the rationale of the Universe. If it would not be, it would not exist. Life is the self-consciousness of the Universe. Infinite as well in variety, quantity and quality.

All animals are selfish. All children are selfish. And all men are selfish. It is Nature. The human being did not create Nature, so he cannot be held responsible for it.

As knowledge increased, man realized that his survival was in jeopardy if he would not invent a peaceful way to live in a group. This invention was called society. Living in society means respecting certain legislative and moral codes. Nevertheless, this socialization or separation from Nature is not uniform, nor between races nor between individuals.

Every human being has a different spirit and from it derives the quality of the man. Some men are better and less selfish than others, or because they are more or less intelligent or because their spiritual quality is different.

The current models of society do not promote generosity and altruism. By perpetuating enormous injustices, society itself becomes the greatest generator of selfishness.


Posted: March 28th, 2011
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