Pure Art, by E.T.


The aim of art is to overcome nature.

Good artists express in their works what the world knows, but does not say. Great artists express in their works what the world does not know yet.

I don’t think that the function of art is to reproduce a lemon or a lily or a naked woman. Photography or film can do it much better and with Dolby sound. Art has to reproduce or reveal another type of nature: the human.

My personal definition of art: Art is the ability to touch the emotional chords of the “human instrument” in an original and meaningful way. “Original” means never seen before. “Meaningful” means that it relates to and is relevant for the human being.

The true artist is the one who gets to touch the emotional chords of the “human instrument” as never done before, with a new melody. The genius is the one who gets to add a new emotional chord to the “human instrument”.

Not much can be said about art, because art (except literature) is about what cannot be expressed in words.

Art must be looked, heard, felt and finally understood.

Art is a means of communication between the humane and the divine. If we consider that the creation of the Universe is divine, human creation is the continuity of that primordial creation. Therefore, the fact that man can create is the best proof of his divine essence.

An artist-painter must feel like a brush in the hands of God. An artist- musician, like a harp. An artist-writer, like a pen.

Every true artist knows that he himself is not the author of his work, only the interpreter of God.

For example, God cannot make a lemon without first making a lemon tree, nor can He make a painting without first making the painter, nor any other human work, without making the human being first.

Our empirical experiences tell us that nothing exists without first being imagined. Humans can do more things than animals, because they can imagine them.

It is a fact that everything made by man came out of imagination. Therefore, it is reasonable to think that reality came out of imagination. God’s imagination became the Universe. Became us.

When we are born we begin to identify objects and beings. Later, we begin to identify thoughts. Art allows us to begin to identify the thinker.

True art is not a hobby. Real art is the one that produces culture, that breaks with the past, that changes mentalities. Art which does not produce culture is decorative art.

The art that produces culture is equal to science, in the sense that you cannot reinvent the wheel or fire twice.

Art is also equal to science, in the sense that art is a constant work of research and discovery in the “laboratory”. The artist uses the materials, the sounds, the shapes, the textures, the colors, the thoughts, the feelings, to discover or invent new ways to affect human emotions.

Producing art is a gift. Education cannot teach it, just understand it.

My art is “saying the truth”. Truth should be the essential element of the creative process. Quite a rare thing, these days.


Posted: March 30th, 2011
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